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  • 09:23 Popular Erik Karlsson - Silent Hill: Darkness - (1/4)

    Erik Karlsson - Silent Hill: Darkness - (1/4)

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    SH: Darkness tells the tale of a man in his early twenties named "Kevin" that experiences strange dreams in which he encounters a bizzare and obviously dangerous monster. A dark man mysteriously appears in his apartment and tells him that he knows what Ke

  • 07:01 Popular Shaw and Willdow - shadow mountain

    Shaw and Willdow - shadow mountain

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    The NEW Shadow Mountain Trailer, shot in HD is here check my profile!!!!UPDATETED INFO ON WERE TO FIND SCARY MUSIC! A mini Horror film This is my idea of a scary movie i will make. VERY WELL MADE AND VEARY SCARY FOR BEING MADE IN ONLY ONE DAY WITH TWO PEO

  • 06:42 Popular TNTcreations36 - The Grater

    TNTcreations36 - The Grater

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    home made horror movie, about the ghost manafestation of Sarah Smith who died from falling of a shed, and seeks revenge on anyone who has attractive faces, due to jealousy and spite.

  • Popular Gootnapcrew - Scary Movie

    Gootnapcrew - Scary Movie

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    a homemade scary movie