New Releases

  • The Roast: 2010

    We are preparing for the August 2010 Roast film.  So far the plot looks like this:
    A guy on a train headed for Oakland awakens to find a slip of paper in his pocket with Stuart's address, a date and a time written on it.  He has no idea why he is on a train or where the slip of paper came from.  He shows up to find numerous others with similar slips walking around trying to find something in common.  Each one has a tale to tell. 
    This is your chance to break out of your everyday persona and into that other person inside your head! Blake and Bill are taking the train to Oakland to film that portion.  We need someone to seduce Blake at the party <more on this later>.  I would like a bit more plot tension, perhaps a sub-plot of someone trying to thwart or mislead people who are trying to find out why they are there?  Ideas?

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  • "Trouble in Oakland" Posted!

    Our last plot-enhanced home movieLe Cochon Coeur was based on a pig roast.  This season's entry, Trouble in Oakland, is based on a goat roast.  What do we have against farm animals?  Nothing really.  You may remember that Leona Helmsley left a lot of money to her dog, Trouble.  You may not have heard about the dog's subsequent kidnapping, or of Trouble's pet goat and pig, kidnapped at the same time.  But that is what this film is all about... Read more